Thank you for your interest in our Little Farmhands Summer Program!

This summer Lachat Town Farm is introducing a special weekly program for young children. This exciting summer program at our own community farm is specifically tailored for children entering a 4's program through 2nd grade. Our knowledgeable and well-trained staff will safely guide the children, in small classes, through exploration, education and fun. Children will have opportunities to interact with farm animals, experience the joy of gardening, express themselves through creative craft projects, play games outside and learn about the importance of nature.

We will emphasize educational concepts within every activity. Concepts such as; nutrition, sustainable farming techniques, natural resources, agriculture, ecology, purposeful artistic expression, scientific method, weather, cultural awareness, music theory, cooperation, and mindfulness. All of our activities are age appropriate and will be simplified for the younger group who may be experiencing some of these things for the first time. The younger group is for children ages 3 to 5, and must be 4 by December 1st, 2017 and fully toilet trained.

1st and 2nd graders will build on their established skills such as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and independence. They will have a bit more freedom to follow their particular interests and reach their goals. For example, if a child discovers a feather, there is enough flexibility in our program to give it some time. What bird did it come from? Why is it this color? How do feathers help birds fly? What do people use feathers for? They may not realize that they have a goal to better understand the object they found, but they will certainly feel great when these questions are answered.

Our philosophy is to encourage children to explore and question the world around them while providing safety, information and insight. Children enjoy working hard, seeing their impact and reaching a goal. When a child feels pride in their work and community, they get a deeply rewarding feeling that doesn't come from anything else. Registration deadline is May 20th. Please drop off registration material to the Lachat Town Farm located at 106 Godfrey Road West, Weston CT or email it to All are welcome.

Cost of each session is $275. Select your preferred week and complete payment now to reserve your spot at the farm!
Registering for multiple sessions is easy! Simply click on "Continue Shopping" on the PayPal page and add another week to your cart before final checkout.

Click here to download the Parents Packet Registration Materials.

Week 1-Explore Galore

Week 1 is "Explore Galore" it will run July 17th - 21st. Drop off is 9am and pick up is 1pm. We welcome children entering a 4's program through 2nd grade and they will be grouped by age. Explore Galore opens the gates to discovery and invention. We will explore everything we can at the farm including nature trails, soil composition, animal behavior and so on. The children will communicate their interests on the farm and it will be up to us to help them dive deeper into the things they care about. Highlights include: hiking, shadow shapes, cartography, animal tracks, navigation using stars and meditation.

Week 2-Nature's Creatures

Week 2 is "Nature's Creatures" it will run July 24th - 28th. Drop off is 9am and pick up is 1pm. We welcome children entering a 4's program through 2nd grade and they will be grouped by age. Natural Creatures is a theme that focuses on the living organisms that share our ecosystem. Learn how to identify animals and what makes them different: goats, squirrels, jays, chickens, cows, skunk, cats and dogs. We will include entomology: honeybees, lightening bugs, ladybugs, butterflies, ants and worms. We will improve our understanding of plants as well. Highlights include; animal interaction, honey harvest, food chain project, totem pole, bird feeder and insect model building.

Week 3-Sow and Grow

Week 3 is "Sow and Grow", running from July 31st - August 4th. Drop off is 9am and pick up is 1pm. We welcome children entering a 4's program through 2nd grade and they will be grouped by age. During this week children will begin to experience the fruits of our labor. Observation and hands on learning will underscore the process of harvesting ripe items out of the garden and greenhouse. All stages of plant development will be available to study. Highlights include; pressing flowers, germination station, carrot top, potato battery, roots, leaf morphology and sprout house.