It Takes a Community

The gardens started with a wonderfully creative design by Michelle Fracasso of Wells Hill Farm. She combined practicality and gardener options with aesthetics to provide a simply elegant plan. Three different sizes of raised beds; 4' X 20', 4' X 12' and 4' X 7', and 42 total garden plots are available for seasonal rental. Wide aisles were designed for easy access by gardeners and maintenance equipment, a composting area was added and a spacious central piazza was created to provide gardeners with an area to relax and socialize.

The groundbreaking and raised bed building began on Saturday, May 3, 2014 and continued for several weeks through June. Countless volunteers came from the community included Weston Kiwanis, Builders Beyond Borders, Green Village Initiatives, Weston High School Senior Interns and Lachat Oversight Committee Members.They built wooden boxes for the raised-beds, painstakingly aligned the beds in position, cleared rocks, pulled weeds, put up cedar posts with perimeter deer fencing, filled wheelbarrows with organic garden soil and dumped it in the new beds. After a general cleanup the beautiful community garden was created.

In October 2014, the water supply from the barn was extended to the gardens and 5 spigots were installed and strategically placed for easy access by gardeners. In May 2015, flowerbeds were created in the four corners of the garden and planted with Sunflowers (front corners facing the road) and Clematis (rear corners).