About the Barn

The barn is in the English barn style that was most popular in the northeast region and the most widespread barn type in America. This barn type is called the grandfather of the American barn. Barns in this style were constructed from the 1770s through the 1900s and today they are becoming increasingly rare.

Typical of English barns, the Lachat barn's main section measures twenty-five feet by fifty feet and has a large double wagon door on its lateral side, unpainted vertical boards covering the walls and a metal roof. It is without a basement and stands on level ground. The interior of the barn features a center driveway that was used as a threshing floor. The double doors generally opened onto the center driveway that divided the building into two separate areas, one for hay and grain storage and the other for livestock.

A professional barn historian recently examined the Lachat barn and found the main section to be in good shape. It will require minor repairs to the roof, siding and windows. However, the dairy cow section will require remediation for the floors and ceilings.